Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hidding away from the stunning truth

Hey, well today, I honestly can't say I did anything productive. All I did was lounge around my house reading, and sleeping. haha. I didn't feel like doing anything today since yesterday I went on a very very long bike ride with Dana, Nicole, and Katrina. We think it's such a great idea going down the moutain, because we fly down this large hill. But trust me, I die coming back up it, we walk it because its soo steep and big. I almost die everytime!! How sad thatwe don't learn our mistakes since we go back once a week. But I enjoy it because we go down to the icecream shop, we go swimming, and just around. It's fun getting away from our normal scene, since we live in tho boonies(country). Tomorrow I think I'm going to call Dana up, because ever since last summer we've been bestfriends, always hanging out, doing stupid things, but lately in the last 2 weeks, I've seen her twice? and I feel like we're not even friends anymore. I don't even feel that I miss her, because I don't even realize it, maybe I'm differnt maybe her, I don't know. I feel us falling/growing apart, I hate it. But if it happens, I guess it does but I don't want it too. She's the only one I can be my self to, and we have mad laughs and everything, but one day I called her to come over and she's like yeah okay, and didn't show up, didn't call to say "I can't make it" Nothing. I was like wow, thanks a whole damn lot. She doesn't call me, or anyone to hang out, so it's like what are you doing? It's why i'm starting to hang around Jaclyn more, because I don't wanna have no Main one friend. I have other one's but no BESTFRIENDFOREVER anymore, and it sucks majourly. So hopefully things can go back to normal. But sadly, I don't know if it will.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Harry Potter - and my day

So, today was my moms 50th surprise birthday party, but sadly wasn't really a surprise since she already knew about it. I don't know ow she figures these things out, befor I even knew!! Like how rude, ahaha. I think it went pretty well a lot of her friends showed up, and so did our family. I never knew one of my mom's friend "Gina" but now I do, and I'm glad, because she is one hilarious woman. I can't remeber exactlly what she was saying word for word but it was about my granpa and how she'd drive him home, and it's okay because she's only had 3 drinks, and that if they went into his house she'd know what she was doing, and things like that. But the funny thing was that my grandpa has bad hearing so he's smilling and laughing because everyone is, and he has no idea what were talking about. My grandpa (Richard, but we call him Dick, yes ahaha) is 90, and he's still so funny, and alive, which is a good thing. I think I really love my grandpa because my other grandma and grandpa try to hard, like wanting to do stuff and like forcing us, when Dick is just normal and like doesn't try and it's cool. Even at his wifes funeral he was funny because he doesnt like vegetables so at a vegetable plater he took a carrot and bit it and spit it out and said " UCK! I thought it was a cheese puff!" Like and it's just him, and how he says it which makes even a bad day turn out good. I don't have a big family. Me, my two sisters Steph(Roni) , Carly (carJ) A mom (Cindy), and dad(Mike), the grandparents (Dick, Bert, and Ida) Two uncles (Ian, Ken), One aunt (Eve) I have an other aunt (Ruth) but she didn't really want to talk to us, but when she got a boyfriend she wanted to be a big family to show off or something? So I personally do not like her, also shes weird. That's about it, no cousins, Well I do have 3rd cousin but that's it, and I'm not getting into it all.

So, now it;s summer, I don't have any plans really, well anything BIG. Which sucks. But I did go to this Camp/camping thing, hard to explain but it's cool because I get to ahgn out with some of my friends I barely see. But that's already passed so no future plans - that I know of, I'm pretty excited for teh new Harry potter book. I don't think they'll kill Harry, because that's gay, but maybe Ron will. I hear 3 people die, and since the prophecy says 1 has to die I think it's Voldermort, or however you spell it, Snape, and Ron. Right now I'm re-reading The Half-blood prince because I haven't read it in a while, and with the new book coming out, I want to be re-freshed. I read a lot, a book a day even, how sad? But I enojy it, I won't read if I have plans, but if I don't I read, mostly older teen books/murder/ unno cool stuff, not Romance though. Some of my favourite seriers are The Au Pairs, and The Party room. oooh! yes how I love them!

Anyways, I think I'm going to go watch the new Harry Potter movie on the internet, (I've already sene it in theatres) If you want to as well, go to this link It's free, and you don't got to download teh movie.

Hidden Palms

Friday, July 13, 2007

Entry 1

So, Today started out as normal. Well normally for me atleast, waking up on this summer day. There's so much I want to tell of my past, but I wont because then I'll miss filling you in on this future stuff. Nothing interesting happened today, so I guess I could fill in on some other things. But I don't know where to begin. Well I'm 5'8 and I have pretty long brown hair. I used to be pure blonde, but I thought, I need to be smart and dyed my hair. Then the next day me, Ports, and Pops went into a store to buy slushies, and I never can get to work the levers on them, and so I tried and tried, and finally I did and the slush went all on teh floo cause I forgot to hold up the cup. The girl and the counter was laughing after I said "Sorry, I haven't been brunette for long!" After that, I've finally foundout why I was put to be on this planet. To prove this quote wrong "Brunette's are smarter." I have put them down to shame. But oh well I can read now, so it's all good. What else about me? I also have this really cool friend named Dana. Sadly she has the worst smellnig feet in all of man kind, you think that skunk spray is bad, you have no idea untill you spell this VILE smell. Which ocasionally she puts in my face so I get a nice Wiff. What a nice friend eh? Me and her aren't the typical "friends" thatare like aww I love you, youre my bestfriend, no, we beat teh living daylgiht out of eachother, and go out of eachothers way to get the other in trouble like 5 year olds. We together go on weird, weird journey's like running uot to a feild to despsoe of "things that are supposed to flsuh down toilets" because the toilet broke and she had toget ride of it, ahahaa, or trying to grab a pepsi while managing to make 10 fall on teh floor while 2 exploded making a mess or dressing up a guy in girls clothes maknig him have a photo shoot. We've gone through some good times, and some kinda mad, but we don't get through them how we were befor, we turn out better, maybe it's because we know that tomorrow will always be better than yesterday.