Friday, July 13, 2007

Entry 1

So, Today started out as normal. Well normally for me atleast, waking up on this summer day. There's so much I want to tell of my past, but I wont because then I'll miss filling you in on this future stuff. Nothing interesting happened today, so I guess I could fill in on some other things. But I don't know where to begin. Well I'm 5'8 and I have pretty long brown hair. I used to be pure blonde, but I thought, I need to be smart and dyed my hair. Then the next day me, Ports, and Pops went into a store to buy slushies, and I never can get to work the levers on them, and so I tried and tried, and finally I did and the slush went all on teh floo cause I forgot to hold up the cup. The girl and the counter was laughing after I said "Sorry, I haven't been brunette for long!" After that, I've finally foundout why I was put to be on this planet. To prove this quote wrong "Brunette's are smarter." I have put them down to shame. But oh well I can read now, so it's all good. What else about me? I also have this really cool friend named Dana. Sadly she has the worst smellnig feet in all of man kind, you think that skunk spray is bad, you have no idea untill you spell this VILE smell. Which ocasionally she puts in my face so I get a nice Wiff. What a nice friend eh? Me and her aren't the typical "friends" thatare like aww I love you, youre my bestfriend, no, we beat teh living daylgiht out of eachother, and go out of eachothers way to get the other in trouble like 5 year olds. We together go on weird, weird journey's like running uot to a feild to despsoe of "things that are supposed to flsuh down toilets" because the toilet broke and she had toget ride of it, ahahaa, or trying to grab a pepsi while managing to make 10 fall on teh floor while 2 exploded making a mess or dressing up a guy in girls clothes maknig him have a photo shoot. We've gone through some good times, and some kinda mad, but we don't get through them how we were befor, we turn out better, maybe it's because we know that tomorrow will always be better than yesterday.

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