Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hidding away from the stunning truth

Hey, well today, I honestly can't say I did anything productive. All I did was lounge around my house reading, and sleeping. haha. I didn't feel like doing anything today since yesterday I went on a very very long bike ride with Dana, Nicole, and Katrina. We think it's such a great idea going down the moutain, because we fly down this large hill. But trust me, I die coming back up it, we walk it because its soo steep and big. I almost die everytime!! How sad thatwe don't learn our mistakes since we go back once a week. But I enjoy it because we go down to the icecream shop, we go swimming, and just around. It's fun getting away from our normal scene, since we live in tho boonies(country). Tomorrow I think I'm going to call Dana up, because ever since last summer we've been bestfriends, always hanging out, doing stupid things, but lately in the last 2 weeks, I've seen her twice? and I feel like we're not even friends anymore. I don't even feel that I miss her, because I don't even realize it, maybe I'm differnt maybe her, I don't know. I feel us falling/growing apart, I hate it. But if it happens, I guess it does but I don't want it too. She's the only one I can be my self to, and we have mad laughs and everything, but one day I called her to come over and she's like yeah okay, and didn't show up, didn't call to say "I can't make it" Nothing. I was like wow, thanks a whole damn lot. She doesn't call me, or anyone to hang out, so it's like what are you doing? It's why i'm starting to hang around Jaclyn more, because I don't wanna have no Main one friend. I have other one's but no BESTFRIENDFOREVER anymore, and it sucks majourly. So hopefully things can go back to normal. But sadly, I don't know if it will.

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